Open Field Hours

Greetings to all!

Even though the blooming season is over we are still digging online orders through the middle of October depending on where you are located.  If you are down south then we have a little more time.  Remember that the fall season is a great time to plant… or divide and trans-plant.  

Best wishes! Harriet






“Consider the lilies, how they grow;

they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you,

even Solomon in all his glory was not

arrayed like one of these.”

~ Matthew 6:28-29


Beauty is for “seeing” –
For revelation and appreciation –
A means to lift the mind of man
Above the common things of life
To higher levels of creative thought.



Beauty is for “seeing”…
For beauty is a quality that is possessed
In some degree, by all things everywhere…
A quality we may perceive
Through sight and sound –
Through smell and taste and touch –
And intuition –
In all that lies around us…

An intrinsic quality that we may find
In trees and grass and wayside flowers,
In earth and sky,
In sunset lights,
In songs of birds, and children’s laughter,
In face and form and character,
In all creative art –
And even in the chimney smoke
Against the background of the dawn…

A quality that, when perceived,
Brings deep fulfillment, harmony of thought,
And inner peace.
But beauty goes beyond the level
Of unaided senses:
Under the microscope a blade of grass
Displays a wondrous beauty –
Row upon row of glistening cells
In orderly array…

And – through the telescope –
The heavens declare a glory
Far beyond what David’s eye could see:
The infinite wonders of the star-filled sky
In the “great spaces of the field of night”…
All these bring revelation and appreciation.

So beauty – when perceived –
Becomes a memorable experience:
The “Fifth Dimension” – in the realm of Spirit –
Transcending Length, and Breadth, and Height,
And Time…

A “dimension” which includes
Both object an observer;
That – linked with purpose and with order –
Reveals to man the “God incarnate here”
In whom we “live and move –
And have our being”.

~Hans Ernst 1971