About Us

Arrasmith farm is a family operated business located in Northern Kentucky. Arrasmith Farm daylilies are field grown. When visiting our farm, expect to spend time walking the many rows of beautiful, blooming daylilies.  We currently have over 650 varieties to choose from and are adding new stock on a regular basis.


Below are photos of some of our very first lilies. Any true flower lover knows how easy it is to become obsessed with anything of beauty; however, the daylily is more than deserving. It is beautiful, extremely resilient, and takes very little care. That being said, the more we invest, the more we get in return.

My first daylilies were gifts from my dear husband, Lee Arrasmith. The next ones were from a former student who also gave me my very first Blue Angel Hosta. And so it began: my niece, Jackie, and I visited a local daylily farm and we were overcome with their sheer beauty. Growing beautiful flowers is such a wonderful obsession to have. I hope you enjoy yours as well.


Old Friends